Jillian Michaels exclusive interview with Dr.Nadia Rizzo ND

About the Interview

Jillian Michaels is a globally recognized fitness expert and nutritionist. In this exclusive interview with Dr. Nadia Rizzo ND, Jillian shares:

  • her daily routine;
  • what makes the biggest difference in her own life when it comes to health;
  • the key ingredient to going from feeling defeated and ready to give up, to becoming a superpower and in control of your body, mind, and life.

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Watch the exclusive interview with Jillian Michaels and Dr.Nadia Rizzo ND 

About Dr.Nadia Rizzo ND

Dr. Nadia Rizzo, ND is a naturopathic doctor who is best known in her professional and personal community for her outgoing personality, dedication to helping others, and
problem-solving abilities through life’s issues.
In 2019, Dr. Rizzo, ND published her first book “Eat Your Way Sexy”. The book was written as a straightforward guide for women – it provides soul-filled insight into losing weight and dealing with the deeper issues that lay beneath the weight loss journey and self-confidence building. In summer of 2020 Eat Your Way Sexy became a #1 Amazon bestseller! “Eat Your Way Sexy” is available for purchase online at Chapters-Indigo, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Walmart.com 
Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Dr. Nadia Rizzo, ND graduated from the University of Windsor in 2011 where she completed a thesis in psychology that revolved around the connections between lifestyle factors, stress and health.
Nadia then went on to attend the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine from which she graduated from in 2015. She completed her licensing exams, mid-pregnancy in 2016.
Dr. Nadia Rizzo, ND is a thriving naturopathic doctor who focuses on understanding her clients as a “whole being”. Clients come to her with roadblocks of all sizes which she helps them overcome by implementing gradual changes that make a difference to their entire persona.
By resolving problems from a comprehensive and inclusive perspective, true transformation can occur – allowing the clients to feel wholesome and intact. As Nadia says, “Nothing exists in isolation, nothing”.

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