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by | Sep 12, 2016 | Desserts, Recipes, Side Dishes & Snacks

I am a huge fan of getting the best bang for your buck… So, here are 3 recipes so you can use that jar of nut butter up!


Apple, Nut Butters, and Hemp, oh my!


1 pear or 1 apple (or both!)
2-5 tbsp all natural peanut or almond butter (raw, unsalted and organic preferably)
2-4 tbsp hemp shells

What to do:

1. Begin by washing & slicing a pear or apple
2. Cover slices in raw, all natural peanut or almond butter
3. Finish by topping with heaping spoon of hemp shells
4. Eat and enjoy!


Banana, Nut Butter, and Chia


1 banana
2-3 tbsp all natural peanut or almond butter
2 tbsp chia seeds

What to do:

1. First, peel the banana and slice it into chunks
2. On each circular piece of the banana, cover the surface with your nut butter of choice
3. Sprinkle chia seeds on top
4. Eat and enjoy!


Raspberry Nut Butter Patty


1 unsalted rice cake
Nut butter (raw, unsalted and organic preferably)
1 package of fresh raspberries

What to do:

Spread the butter onto the rice cake. And top it with the fresh raspberries!
The fresh berries have a jam like texture and add some delicious sweetness to this treat!

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