With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air! Here are some of my absolute favourite ways to enjoy a date night with a healthy twist!

Please note: these activities are also perfectly enjoyed with a bestie 🙂


1. Hydrotherapy – There are some great outdoor hydrotherapy spas over here in Ontario. Alternatively, you can also do an indoor spa and enjoy the benefit of not having to worry about the weather. Contrast hydrotherapy is great for enhancing circulation.  Be sure to start hot and always end on cold (in the water that is). 

2. Couples Massage – Enjoy laying next to your honey as you both destress. 

Get Active:

3. Couples Yoga – No biggie if one of you doesn’t even do yoga, this can be a fun and great way to increase connection and intimacy, so get into position! 

4. Shopping for clothing to wear to said couples yoga class – This might seem like an odd one, but honestly, new workout clothing can help be motivation to get our butts in gear! Secondly, it is also a great way to prepare and commit to working out together. 

5. Jog/run together – You can have a destination. Feel free to stop at a cute coffee shop afterwards. 

6. Walk in the park or by a waterfront – This can also fall under the category of relaxation. Walking outdoors is a great way to improve our mood, and even better when you have someone to engage in good conversation with. 

7. Bowling (unless you’ve got carpal tunnel, in which case maybe you should sit this one out) – I feel like bowling is a totally forgotten sport. It’s great because it is physical, but not too physical and is perfect for a cold or rainy day.  

8. Bike Ride – Don’t have a bike? Some cities have rentals, even along the streets, where you can use your credit card to take the bike out and return it later, at another station in a different location.  

9. Batting Cages – Need to take out some frustration? Ha! Just kidding! Batting cages can be super fun and a great workout for those arms! Also, if you’re having trouble getting your stance down, just have your honey come up behind you and give you a hand! See, sports can be romantic! 

10. Arcade – Honestly, it is so much fun to enjoy being a kid again with the one you love.  If you’re not at the love part just yet,  being able to let loose and have a blast together is definitely a good sign!  

Eat/Drink Up:

11. Cook Together – Don’t worry about creating some sort of a masterpiece. The fun thing is doing it together and enjoying a meal that you both contributed to, for each other. 

12. Picnic – Catch some sun, enjoy nature, and of course, enjoy good food together! Food brings people together, and a picnic can be a great way to do so without breaking the bank! 

13. Juice/Smoothie Bar – Ditch the empty calories found in alcoholic drinks, and opt for a juice/smoothie date. You will be contributing to your health and you can still enjoy the time out together. Who knows, maybe you will even find some inspiration for some smoothie recipes you can create at home! 

14. Take a Cooking Class – This can be a great way to learn together! Try picking a class that has a cuisine neither of you are particularly skilled with, that way you are both crafting fresh from point zero. It’s fun and no pressure because you are both learning together.

15. Fondue Night – Ok, in my opinion, fondue is great day or night. Slice up some fruit to dip in the chocolate. I absolutely love chocolate and there are so many cleaner options on the market these days.  Look for one with minimal ingredients, and get all those great antioxidants from mother nature’s gift of cocoa. Did I mention, cocoa is a mood enhancer? Enjoy!

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