Here are some good points when it comes to enjoying your beloved hot cup of joe:

1. It’s no secret that coffee contains caffeine. If you’re trying to decrease your caffeine intake, consider switching your standard drip coffee for my beloved espresso. Espresso contains less caffeine than drip coffee, with approximately 75mg of caffeine per espresso shot vs approximately 400mg of caffeine in a standard cup of drip coffee! If you prefer having a larger serving, and find an espresso shot just too quick of an experience, consider taking it as an americano (espresso with hot water) or as a latte made with espresso, dairy-free for me, please!

2. Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it makes us pee, which translates to dehydration. In addition to your regular intake of water, try to consume an extra cup of H2O for every serving of coffee you intake to help avoid becoming dehydrated.

3. Coffee may induce gut irritation. If you experience irritation to the gut when drinking coffee, try eating first and see if this helps.

4. Don’t add sugar to it, just don’t. 


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