1 – Ditch The Plastic

Plastic contains loads of chemical junk. This junk can leach out of the plastic and into our food/drink if we are using plastic containers. This is especially true if the plastic gets heated or is left in the sun. It is very important not to heat plastic containers but I always make the point of pointing out that you never know where your pre-packaged plastic stuff has been- so that plastic water bottle you are buying and drinking water from – you have no idea if it was left in a heated area during transportation or where it has been prior to arriving on the shelf at your local store. Just saying.

I opt to ditch all the plastic and get glass containers instead. It is a great first step you can make to decrease the toxic load. I only store my food in glass containers and have literally rid my kitchen of any and all plastic food containers. Look at that, you didn’t even have to go to the gym or eat differently to do something powerful for your health!

2 – Eliminate All Fragrances

Ok, so we wall know that fragrances are simply synthetic (aka fake) chemicals leaching out into the air and when we put them there, on our skin. I only use fragrance on very rare occasions.

I like to opt for essential oils instead. A bit of lavender essential oil on my scarf in the winter or wrists in the summer usually does the job. Be careful if using oils around kids or pets as they can be harmful and do not take essential oils internally.

Also, remember that you can opt for a non-scented dish and laundry soap.

3 – Swap Your Cleaning Products

I’m embarrassed to admit that yes even I fell for the “natural cleaning product” marketing scheme and found myself with a chemical burn from a household cleaning product. When I checked the ingredients list I was so upset with myself – I couldn’t believe I fell for that marketing bit when clearly on the ingredients list were chemical substances.

Let’s just keep it simple. White wine vinegar. Especially in the kitchen where food is around. This is all I use on my countertops. Let’s repeat, say it with me, WHITE WINE VINEGAR. You can use it on your floors, in your sinks, and all countertops.

If you are having a hard time parting with some of your cleaning products I suggest at least, at the bare minimum make it a household rule and rhythm to only use white wine vinegar on the kitchen countertops and sinks. That’s a good place to start.

There you have it: 3 simple steps to start decreasing your toxic burden in the home and on the body!

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