There’s something you know you need to be doing, and you aren’t doing it. It feels pretty shitty, doesn’t it? I hear you! I’ve been going through a bout of this myself recently. Maybe you’ve tried to make the change, and it didn’t work out. Here are the reasons why we keep ourselves blocked even when we WANT to push through and make a significant life change.

1. Subconscious Thought of Unworthiness

We think we don’t deserve it. The thing we need to do about this is change the belief.

Write out all the reasons WHY you wouldn’t deserve what you’re claiming you want. (They’re all bullshit lies by the way) and then write down 10 reasons that prove it’s false/don’t support it for each belief. Do this for EACH and EVERY reason. Take your time.

Now write down all the reasons why you do deserve it. Make this list just as long or longer than the bullshit beliefs list.

2. We Think we Would Have to Sacrifice

What is the ONE THING that would totally suck if you DID get what you want?

i.e. I could have the dream job but it’d take time away from my kids.

If there’s a reason that you think something “bad” will happen if you get it or that you will have to sacrifice something great in order to get it, you will stop yourself from manifesting it. 

3. Familiarity Breeds a False Sense of Safety 

Which is why we don’t leave toxic relationships… it’s a predictable pattern. We feel comfortable with something that is familiar, makes sense. The thing is, even when something is not good for us we have this false sense of safety because it’s predictable.

So just like with that toxic relationship, we know it’s bad for us but we can predict the pattern. One person does something hurtful, the other leaves and goes to a friend’s house, the next morning there are flowers, an apology, hug kiss make up, repeat next weekend. We know what’s going to come, there are no uncertainties in the pattern, and this familiarity breeds a very dangerous FALSE sense of safety.

Comfy cozy familiar and predictable makes us feel safe. Unfamiliar, even if it’s AMAZING and HEALTHY can make us feel uneasy, anything we can’t predict tends to make us feel uneasy. When we can’t predict something we tend to have a false sense of not being safe.

Soo do this: 
We need to embody and feel the feelings NOW of what it would be like to have what we want. Feeling/imaging what it would feel like to be living in that positive change daily will make it less strange and more familiar. The familiarity will ease the transition into a new territory. 

Meditate on what the feeling is to have it NOW. Sit down, lay down, whatever. Visualize what you want, what it feels like to have what you want, to be who you want to be, do it for 5-20 min daily just sit and imagine what if FEELS like to have it. I repeat- do it daily, even if it’s just as you are laying in bed to go to sleep, or on the bus on your way to work. Do it for atleast 30-60 days. Watch how quickly it comes to you <3

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