You will scare the shit out of people when you are living in your light. We even scare the shit out of ourselves when we are living in our purpose. We think, “who am I to pursue this dream? Who am I to lead others? What if I lose the freedom and flow that I feel now? What if I make it to the next level and then cannot maintain it?” We have fears. We are human.

The sad result of this in many circumstances is that we tend to avoid our true purpose, our true selves, because it is uncomfortable, especially at first, to live in this light with all these fears coming up. All too often, it isn’t until it almost too late that many wish they had done things differently. But now is a time when you can rise up. We get scared to start because we have NO IDEA how we are going to make it happen. Something I have been learning this over this past year is that the more we release “the how” the more aligned we will become and when we are more aligned, the right tool/teacher/guide/support presents itself to us, often in ways that we could have never imagined.

Stop playing small. Live a life that you truly want to live. It starts NOW.

Join The Relentless Self Love Challenge. It’s a 7-day free and online tool with daily exercises to dive deep into self-love and undo the blocks holding you from living the life you were born to live.

You can join by clicking the link below:

Join the Relentless Self-Love Challenge

PS: For every single person who signs up from now until June 21st, 2018 I will make a $2.00 donation to a children’s charity, which is in memory of my dear friend Alina who passed away a few years ago. Alina loved children and wanted to run her own daycare, unfortunately, she never got the opportunity to do so. Being around Alina was literally like being in the sunshine, her soul shines so brightly and I hope you can join me in honouring her memory.

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