Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. This is for informational and educational purposes only. Always consult your doctor before beginning any intervention.

When it comes to PCOS it is important to note, like all conditions, that each individual’s experience with the condition may vary. It also important to note that not everyone with PCOS actually has several cysts on their ovaries. Always get your blood work (i.e.hormone panel) done and monitored along with any imaging or diagnostic testing like ultrasounds by your healthcare professional. Not everyone fits into the same basket simply because they’ve all been given the same label. Period. 
PCOS may (in some cases) be characterised by insulin resistance which is something you may have heard of when it comes to diabetes. Well, it can also make up a piece of someone’s experience with PCOS. When it comes to nutrition, as a Naturopathic Doctor, I play a big role in helping my patients navigate this. 
Insulin resistance can be related to stubborn weight gain, and low energy levels. No fun! 

Insulin is like a taxi that shuttles glucose, or sugar, from the blood into the cells where it is needed to do its job. Our cells need gluocse because it is energy to help them carry out their functions. With insulin resistance, its like the taxis stop working. Either they don’t show up when you call them or they show up and just park, not transporting anyone, or any glucose, anywhere. Pretty crappy. Over time, I’m sure we can see why this would be a problem. 
So when it comes to PCOS, you’d want to work one on one with a qualified healthcare professional. I’d want to see if the individual (let’s not forget that they are an individual and not just simply a diagnosis label) actually has cysts, I’d run their lab work and check hormone levels, I would want to keep an eye on their blood sugar, and I’d want to actually spend time talking to them to see what their own experience is like. There is a danger in simply putting everyone with the same diagnosis in the same box. Not everyone with PCOS has the same experience. Not everyone with PCOS has the same menses cycle. Not everyone with PCOS has the same hormone levels. Not everyone with PCOS has presence of cysts on their ovaries, be that uni or bilaterally. Not everyone with PCOS feels exactly the same as another woman with the same diagnosis. It’s time we stop categorizing women in healthcare and start listening to them. 

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