First of all, I’ve literally already sat here for an HOUR and did all these other things before writing this post. What I realize is this – I’m freaking doing it AGAIN….. RUNNING!

I went to see Gabrielle Bernstein last weekend at the Hay House event in Toronto. This talk was about her new book Judgement Detox. I read her book “The Universe Has Your Back” and I used to HATE when people say shit like this but to be honest, this book has literally changed my life. Maybe I used to just get annoyed when I would hear such statements because I hadn’t yet found the book for my own life “aha” moment. Anyways, I had ordered the Judgement Detox book before it came out. You know, got my free online talk with that one too. But here’s the thing. I haven’t actually read the book. I tried. More than once. I started the exercise. I dropped that shit every time. It was freaking hard. I was kind of disappointed in myself (here I go judging myself AGAIN!) It’s hard to own up to our own shit. I didn’t realize how UNCOMFORTABLE breaking down my own judgements was going to be.

It’s the morning of the talk. My friend is driving me there and I’m explaining to him what this whole thing is about. But I said to him, “I haven’t read the book”. I was afraid that I was going to be the only one at this event who didn’t read the book yet (Ha omg so crazy- there were like 900 people there, come on Nadia) I thought I wasn’t going to be able to follow along, I was scared I’d be that rare percentage that “dropped the ball” and still hadn’t completed the Detox Judgment on my own. I told my friend about how every time I tried to start, I got SO UNCOMFORTABLE and how I had ended up dropping it right there and then. He looked at me and said “So. That’s ok. You got shook up! It’s like when you’re cleaning and you gotta shake it up, get some of the dirt off, shake it around before it gets all clean.” I was like WHOA dude, insightful. lol.

But you know what? He’s right. I was disappointed because I had done SO MUCH personal development stuff already and thought “what the heck?” when I felt compelled to just WALK AWAY from the book. You know, “do it tomorrow”.

I attended the workshop. After the first half, I felt inspired. It was going well. Then the afternoon came. The first break hit. I was drained. Tired. “This is so much work”. All I really wanted was my almond milk latte and the cafe in the convention centre didn’t offer dairy-free milk. You know what? I think I’m good, I’ve done enough…let’s not push it. In fact, I even went so far as to convince myself (temporarily) that I was honouring myself and my needs by allowing myself to leave the workshop and get myself that much-desired almond milk latte from the cafe across the street. I literally walked away from the room, towards the door, then back, then I stopped. I asked myself, “Ok just to be honest, are you running again Nadia” faster than a bolt of lightening the answer was “YES” so I loving told myself “get an espresso at the convention cafe and get your ass back in that workshop!” I did just that.

I am SO HAPPY I did. I knew I would have been disappointed if I had done otherwise. I walked back in that workshop (had my espresso). It was right at the meditation when we were cutting the cords between us and a person that when we see them just gets our physiology going crazy (not in a good or sexy way), we asked Archangel Michael to take his sword and literally cut those cords, disconnecting us from them in any negative way. It was deeper and more than just that, but that part really stuck with me. Side note: still send them love, but that does NOT mean you have to succumb to any negative ties with them.

So, my question to you is….. What are YOU running from? You know the answer. In what way do you need to get your ass in gear? Sometimes it takes a message like this. Sometimes it takes some self-loving stern talk form you to yourself. (like I had to do). Sometimes it just takes the right support.

I have a page FULL OF FREEBIES FOR YOU. Hop on over to and sign up for one NOW! Over the next few weeks, I will be donating $2 to a children’s charity for every single person that signs up. I’m doing this in loving memory of my dear friend Alina who passed away unexpectedly in her 20s. Alina loved children and wanted to run her own daycare, unfortunately, she never got the opportunity to do so. She has been on my mind ALOT lately and I really wanted to do something to honour her. So I figured, as Anug an Suu Kyi puts it “When You’re Feeling Helpless, Help Someone.” So here I am —> Sign up for the free support form me, Dr.Nadia and I will make that donation! Sign up for more than one? I’ll take that donation twice, three times. Go nuts. Let’s honour Alina and any other loved ones who we feel left this earth sooner than our hearts would have had it.

Sending you SO MUCH love and support,


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